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Total laboratory data management for mine operations

Unlocking Efficiency for Environmental and Minerals Labs


Utilizing leading-edge design and technology, our next-generation LIMS leverage a wealth of industry experience (especially mining of gold, copper etc).


Managing your critical data, keeping it safe and accessible – all day, every day. We deliver seamless data management and rock-solid reliability with robust, client-server and multi-tier designs.


Working with our customers in their specific field, addressing their needs and concerns, and speaking their language.

How important are the results generated by your laboratory? What impact would that assay have on your bottom line?

The analytical laboratory sits at the heart of the mine, receiving hundreds of samples daily from different departments, preparing and analyzing them, and returning the results as actionable data.

Our systems have been at the forefront of minerals analysis, working seamlessly with analytical instruments, automated components and personnel to efficiently and securely collect, collate, calculate, validate, and distribute analytical data.

Data Integrity

Ensure complete data accuracy, compliance, and audit trails, safeguarding decision-making and reputation.

Increased Efficiency 

Automate workflows, reduce manual errors, and optimize resource allocation, leading to cost savings and turnaround time improvements.

Optimized Decision-Making

Empower data-driven strategies based on accurate, accessible, and integrated information, driving operational excellence.

Reduced Costs and Risks

Mitigate compliance risks, minimize errors, and streamline processes, leading to cost reductions and improved profitability.

Seeing Is Believing

Advantages of investing in our LIMS solutions:

  • Strong integration with Datamine software and expertise in laboratory advisory services.
  • Deep industry experience in mining and minerals analysis, with features tailored for this sector.


More About Our Mining Solutions

“The biggest benefit is the friendly user environment. My favorite feature is the QA/QC monthly reporting“

Jacques Martel, G Mining Services

“En lo particular me gusta la aplicación del módulo de calidad, facilita mostrar a los clientes de manera gráfica e histórica el desempeño del laboratorio para cada método y analista, esto permite elaborar planes de mejora“

Jaqueline Escobedo, Agnico Eagle Mines

“Je peux le recommander, vu sa facilite d’exploitation, son rendement, sa simplicité de définir les taches et l’exploitation des résultats, pour une meilleure organisation“

Housseinou AmadouMbodj, Kinross – Tasiast Operation

Boosting laboratory productivity and efficiency.

Ensuring data integrity for informed decision-making.

Enhancing data quality and compliance.

Streamlining workflows and collaboration.

AssayNet LIMS

From sample reception, logging and preparation through analysis and reporting, our solution has been designed to work the way you do.

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